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Titan Walls by Muros

Summer 2021 | Chicago

Chicago’s Largest Mural Festival

Join us as we spread art across Chicago for the 3rd annual Titan Walls Mural Festival!

Titan Walls 2020

Thank you to all of our partners, artists and everyone who came out to support Titan Walls 2020 Mural Festival this year. It was an incredible success and once again we were able to raise a significant amount of money to support Hope For The Day and their efforts in suicide prevention and mental health awareness!

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Live painting within Chicago neighborhoods will be taking place throughout the week. Check out these spots to see some of the best artists in Chicago—and the country—at work.

Opening Event
Cera Elloo
October 10th 12-6PM DISTRICT BREW YARDS 417 N ASHLAND AVE (Painting on Patio and Hubbard St)

Stop by this awesome pour-your-own beer hall to sample incredible brews from four breweries, grab some grub from the world-famous Lillie’s Q Barbeque and snag a spot by one of several firepits to see some live painting on the patio or Hubbard Street side of the building. Don’t forget to purchase your very own Titan Walls t-shirt and swag with all proceeds going to Hope for the Day!

Location 2
Key Detail
October 10-18th 10 - 6pm 1890 N. Milwaukee Ave
Location 3
Bigshot Robot
October 10-18th 10-6pm Altitude Chicago Trampoline Park 404 N Armour St (Painting on Hubbard St)
Location 4
Blake Jones RED Oinkz Killabunz Bird Milk
October 10-18th 10-6pm Pastorelli’s 901 W Lake Street (Painting on Peoria St)
Location 5
Nicole Salgar
October 10-18th 10-6pm Field Notes 1146 W Kinzie Street (Painting on Kinzie St)
Closing Event
October 17-18th 12 - 7pm Recess 838 W Kinzie St (Painting on Patio and Kinzie St)

(Live Painting on Interior Patio Containers, Table required)

Reservations Accepted. Hosting Chicago’s largest outdoor patio and home to murals by Chicago artists, Mosher and Asend One, Recess is the spot to be for excellent beer, bites and craft cocktails. Join us for more live painting, great ambiance and Titan Walls drink specials. Also enjoy great eats from Recess and Bob’s Pizza! (Reservations are accepted and encouraged.)

Meet the 2020 Titans


An internationally recognized, New York-based muralist and illustrator with works that can be found all over Europe, Asia and the U.S. With eight years of architectural experience, this artist can respond masterfully and creatively to site-specific design challenges.


Czr Prz, AKA No_Vwlz, is a Chicago-based, multi-faceted urban contemporary/street artist, illustrator and go-to taskmaster for the imagination. Czr’s 20 year career has peppered the globe with various works. His stories have touched countless locations from America to Europe; works like large-scale murals, interior and exterior installations, paintings, sculptures as well as creative directed events and photo/video shoots.

Nicole Salgar

Nicole Salgar is a Miami-based artist who is inspired by a vast array of genres and mediums. From victorian design to Indigenous folk art, fantasy, and so on. Her background has been steeped in art since she was a child, so it is truly in her nature. Her bold and bright colors juxtapose her incredibly detailed portraits, which create pieces that feel like they’re from a surreal world.

Nicole Salgar

Bigshot Robot is an artist and designer based in Milwaukee. In his illustrations, paintings and collaborations, there is always a sense of imagination at play with colorful palettes full of energy.

Bigshot robot

ELLOO began painting murals in 2014, and since then has continued to create the World of Elloo. Through her fairy tale monster universe, she depicts adorable, bright colored monsters experiencing love, fighting evil and indulging in the sweet life.


CERA is a Chicago based artist who creates abstract collages, often combining elements of the local community mixed with impactful abstract subject matter. The combination of his graffiti background and graphic design allows him to illustrate highly dimensional pieces.


BLAKE JONES creates incredible opportunities to explore worlds of fun characters through both large scale public murals and smaller studio pieces. His playful and whimsical work can be seen across Chicago and beyond.

Blake Jones

This artist’s murals and characters are instantly recognizable from their signature funky expressions. He loves taking food, animals and other random other things and turning them into silly illustrations.


RED, a Pilsen based artist, creates latino influenced work across a variety of mediums from tattoos to murals. He also created his signature character that portrays the changes throughout his life and as seen within the world.


This artist has begun creating his outlandish frog characters at large scale throughout the city of Chicago. His otherworldly illustrative artwork is slightly influenced by traditional Japanese style art.


This illustrator and tattoo artist has begun taking his unique mecha characters to the walls of Chicago and elsewhere. His artwork applies a robotic style to his characters that’s truly unique.


Titan Walls Origins

On July 27, 2019 Muros launched Chicago’s first mural festival, Titan Walls. In partnership with the Chicago White Sox, Hope For The Day and District Brew Yards we brought together 6 local artists and a crowd of 2800+ people of all ages to celebrate art, music, great craft beer and the greatest city in the world–our hometown, Chicago!

meet the 2019 titans

A Chicago-based artist is best known for his signature Bear Camp character featured in large scale murals, bright canvasses and playful merchandise.


A multi-disciplinary artmaker and innovative figure within Chicago’s graffiti culture. His work evokes narratives written in urban landscapes like images torn from a story.


An artist with a distinct urban vibe, she blends both the influence of street and fine art into her work, paying homage to each of them in her own way.


A Chicago-based artist who is known for his distinct signature character Dipso the monkey. His work often creates disconnected floating environments.


This artist's work never strays far from the playful, while remaining detailed and thoughtful. His versatile skill set has lead him to become commercially successful, working with a wide range of major brands and local businesses.


This artist’s groovy color palette makes his art stand out from the crowd. He jams out by creating public art, live paintings, and creating art pieces with raw, colorful expressions that burst out of every piece.

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