Sculpture Series: The Start of Something New

Muros creates murals, right? Sure, we’ve worked tirelessly for years to bring the most amazing murals to brands, communities, and companies, however, at the heart of Muros is ART. We strive to bring art into the world in an authentic and real way, harnessing the power and value we know it holds. We do this through murals, live experiences, installations, and our newest addition, sculptures. 

When we decided to make the leap into sculptures, COOPER was the perfect collaborator. He creates aesthetic nature and flower art and is known for his fresh style of vibrant and bright colored work. Thus, Twirly, Lazy, and Peek A Boo were born. 

Sculptures want to be adored and honored, taking up space in their environment as if it is their own. The long and storied history of public sculpture inspired us, although the modern and distinctive work that COOPER displays brought these new creatures to life. 

Ranging from four feet to eight feet in height, they provide a unique opportunity for brands, businesses, private collectors and cities to brighten their space. Each has their own playful story and are available in a range of colors. Want to be introduced?

Twirly the Wildflower is a fun and happy guy. He enjoys being whimsical and funny. He’s proud of his bendy vine that’s always perfectly coiled but sometimes, like most of us, he finds he needs a little extra balance in his life just to hold it all together.

Lazy the wildflower enjoys spending his time close to the ground. From here, he can watch people walk by and enjoy his afternoon naps. Despite the fact he’s big and bold, he’s still unequivocally lazy and reminds us to slow down and enjoy each day.

Now you see him, now you don’t. Peek A Boo likes to be hidden and see things from afar. He’s always admiring and watching, constantly looking to understand what’s happening around him. He’s the guy in the know, abreast of all that’s going on even though he’s hidden away amongst the grass blades.

What’s Next? 
COOPER is the first artist in this collaboration, but there’s more to come so stay tuned! If you’re interested in purchasing one (or many) for yourself or your company, give us a shout

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