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Titan Walls 2020Mural Festival

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The Details


Titan Walls is Chicago’s largest mural festival created by Muros. In 2020 we featured a diverse crew of insanely talented muralists who spent eight days spreading art across Chicago. Additionally, in partnership with Hope For The Day, we were able to raise funds to support their efforts in suicide prevention and mental health awareness! The festival has wrapped, but the art endures—so go explore!

  • artists: Key Detail, Nicole Salgar, CZR PRZ, Bigshot Robot, ELLOO, CERA, Fedz, Blake Jones, Bird Milk, RED, Oinkz, Killabunz
  • location: Chicago, IL

Key Detail

An internationally recognized, New York-based muralist and illustrator with works that can be found all over Europe, Asia and the U.S. With eight years of architectural experience, this artist can respond masterfully and creatively to site-specific design challenges.

Nicole Salgar

Nicole Salgar is a Miami-based artist who is inspired by a vast array of genres and mediums. From victorian design to Indigenous folk art, fantasy, and so on. Her background has been steeped in art since she was a child, so it is truly in her nature. Her bold and bright colors juxtapose her incredibly detailed portraits, which create pieces that feel like they’re from a surreal world.


Czr Prz, AKA No_Vwlz, is a Chicago-based, multi-faceted urban contemporary/street artist, illustrator and go-to taskmaster for the imagination. Czr’s 20 year career has peppered the globe with various works. His stories have touched countless locations from America to Europe; works like large-scale murals, interior and exterior installations, paintings, sculptures as well as creative directed events and photo/video shoots.

Bigshot Robot

Bigshot Robot is an artist and designer based in Milwaukee. In his illustrations, paintings and collaborations, there is always a sense of imagination at play with colorful palettes full of energy.


ELLOO began painting murals in 2014, and since then has continued to create the World of Elloo. Through her fairy tale monster universe, she depicts adorable, bright colored monsters experiencing love, fighting evil and indulging in the sweet life.


This Pilsen artist is known for his signature blue on red color palette. Taking a photorealistic approach to his art, these vibrant colors contrasted against each other create very impactful murals. He believes that seeing everyday animals and people in new colors will force you to think about them in a new unique way.

Artist Collective

This collective of Chicago based artists comprised of, Blake Jones, Bird Milk, RED, Oinkz, and Killabunz has recently formed to add their positive, fun and funky signature characters to the walls of the city. Having recently experimented with spray paint and quickly picked up impressive mural painting skills, they are coating the city with colorful characters while expertly collaborating on each piece of artwork they create.

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