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Spot HeroOffice Mural

The Details

spot hero

SpotHero, a tech startup that was the first to create on demand parking, was interested in commissioning a mural within their office headquarters located in the loop of Chicago. Kate Lewis, a local mural artist, was tasked with creating a piece that highlighted iconic parking structures and introduced SpotHero brand elements and icons.

  • artist: Kate Lewis
  • location: Chicago, IL
  • project type: Interior Mural
  • size: 1000 SF

about the artist

Kate Lewis is a muralist and illustrator was originally inspired from studying masters of visual deception, like MC Escher, and taking note of the ways in which they used architecture as a catalyst for creating illusions. Learning to incorporate her own love of line work and making conscious use of negative space, she continues to experiment on every project with the intention of challenging the viewer’s brain to think differently.

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