• Tricia Binder

Two guys and a girl walk into a bar...

Updated: Mar 26

Everyone has their genesis story and ours, like many other start-ups, begins at a brewery. We were sampling beer, talking about life and throwing out ideas for a fun business that could also fill a gap in the market. And that’s, quite literally, where this company was born.

Allow me to introduce you to those beer-drinking dreamers and the co-founders of Muros: Dave, Mateo and me, Tricia.

Ya see, the three of us had all worked together in our previous lives in one capacity or another. After riding the ups and downs with various companies and roles, we learned that we’d each never quite shook that nagging, entrepreneurial bug that always seemed to hover right under the surface. We also learned that we all liked great beer and had the propensity to get along at least 90% of the time. Something beautiful was forming.

With a couple IPA’s down the hatch, Dave asked Mateo and I for business ideas and Mateo said he thought there was an opportunity to partner with talented street artists. Namely, the conversation was around how someone could potentially create a means to get more art seen in the world. It was a passion of his as he already spent much of his time capturing great Chicago art on insta as he explored our hometown city. Coincidentally, Dave and I felt the brands we had worked with or for had a need for more unique and authentic ways of engaging their customers. If we brought the two together, maybe there was something to this?

We left the conversation there until a couple weeks later when Dave promptly announced we had a meeting in 20 minutes with a local Chicago restaurant group to vet the idea. Which idea? The street art idea. This was met with an incredulous look by me and a casual shrug by Mateo (you’ll notice a pattern forming here); and then we did what we’d find ourselves doing hundreds of times more over the next year. We got in an uber, walked into a building and left after an excited, animated conversation about a mutual interest in art and desire to see more of it.

Soon a marriage of our collective strengths and experiences started to merge into the business we’ve built today. With strong marketing and business development backgrounds, a passion for art, a ton of hustle and much needed humor to weather the insanity of it all, we’ve been off and running. Overtime, we found our business backgrounds blended well with the talents of our artist network and together we were able to fill a gap which met a need for our Clients. It’s truly been an incredible melding of worlds and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to do this.

Every single day our small but mighty trio has scaled up and down mountains, laughing (or crying) our way through the lows and taking in the highest of highs. And from time to time we try to remember to stop and take a look back. In our rearview mirror is quite the journey and it’d be far less colorful and worth it if it weren’t for the talented artists and awesome clients we’ve met along the way.

As we’re well into year two, we're super stoked to see where this takes us and we can’t wait to share more of our experiences and learnings with you along the way.

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