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Find Your Focal Point: Art in Interior Design

Whether you’re decorating a room, a home, an office building or several mixed-use structures on a large commercial property, getting interior design themes just right is critical. We’ve all been in spaces that seem jumbled and unfocused because they lack a coherent interior design theme. And we’ve all seen rooms with a cohesive aesthetic that is reflected across the space. In the latter, art is invariably used as a focal point, not treated as an afterthought.

At Muros, we’re known for our large-scale public art installations — building-sized exterior murals, indoor wall-sized paintings that speak to the history of the business or region, sculptures of all sizes that create a unique focal point for a courtyard or other public space. But while we love large-scale art that lives outside, we’re also passionate about art curation. In this capacity, we can connect interior designers with artists who work in virtually every medium to create amazing work for private and commercial spaces too.  

Tips on Incorporating Art in Interior Design
After scrolling through truly massive amounts of images and scouring art scenes nationwide in search of the best up-and-coming artists for a variety of projects, we’ve developed a knack for connecting the right artists with clients. We’ve seen the difference statement art can make in any type of space for interior design purposes. Here are a few of the lessons we’ve learned that can help you incorporate art into your interior design project:

  • Work with art curation specialists to find the right artists: Sourcing the right art for the right space requires the ability to understand the interior designer’s needs (objectives, vision, budget, etc.), identify and vet artists, and oversee creation of the work and installation at the site. Art curation specialists can help you sort through the breadth of styles and approaches to find the artist who’s perfect for your project.
  • Bring the artist into the interior design project early: Interior design projects work best when art is the focal point instead of an afterthought, so bring an artist(s) in early. They’ll assess all the relevant aspects of the space, including the light, dimensions, architectural elements, view, etc., to create a conceptual framework that can integrate all aspects of the interior design.
  • Use the artist’s lens to inspire decisions on color palette and textures: Related to the point above, artists have a unique relationship with color, texture and composition. You can use your artist’s lens to set the tone for your interior design project. When you work with the artist early in the process, they can help you to define a color palette and make decisions on textures that can bring disparate elements of the space together into a harmonious whole. 
  • Design the space using art as a focal point: Well-designed interior spaces use art as a centerpiece, immediately drawing the eye to a focal point that makes a statement about the room. That statement will vary by project, client personality and aesthetic. But when an artist creates the right statement, the interior designer can use it as a Rosetta stone to develop the surrounding area, with each piece holding the theme together visually in a beautiful way.

Find the Right Artist for Your Project
Muros is most well-known for art at scale that creates impactful spaces, so we might not be the first agency that comes to mind for interior spaces. But we’re an art activation agency, meaning we can activate art at any scale. Depending on the size of your interior design project, your art needs may range from an interior or exterior mural, to framed paintings, to sculptures, to artistic treatment for fixtures and room details. We can handle all of that and more. 

The main reason Muros is an asset to interior designers is that we’re connected to the art scene in a unique way through our relationships with the most exciting, talented and diverse artists in the country. We can connect you with local artists who can make your interior design project a huge success. Keep in mind we’re here for you at every step, from original concept through finished work.




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