Visualize This: Mural Art as Part of Your Creative Marketing Strategy

This has been an eventful year, and it’s not over yet. We’ve experienced unprecedented events together, including an ongoing pandemic that revealed the everyday heroes among us. We’ve seen a new generation rise up to demand equal justice. We’ve endured disruptions to our normal routines and persistent economic uncertainty.

Living in such “interesting times” can complicate marketing. It’s more important than ever to establish closer connections with customers, generate buzz and create excitement. We all want to get back to something resembling normal, but at the same time, it’s important to acknowledge and honor our shared experiences. Art is here to help!

Investing in Art
Integrating art into your creative marketing strategy with a mural is a great way to elevate your brand outreach, generate foot traffic and maximize earned media. Brookfield Properties is one brand that understands the value of investing in art. A Norwalk, CT, shopping mall the company manages, the SoNo Collection, showcases art that “transcends modern, traditional, and experiential sensibilities.”

One of the featured artists there is Chicago-based muralist Kate Lewis, who created a bold, colorful geometric mural for the space with a hidden message: inspire. Who couldn’t use some inspiration these days? And speaking of inspiration and creative marketing, the Houston Astros found both when they commissioned Chicago-born muralist Franky Cardona to commemorate the team’s post-season wins.

Cardona combined his love for sports with his artistic gifts to create unforgettable murals celebrating the team’s success, prompting locals to show their Astros pride by taking selfies next to the artwork. The Chicago Fire MLS club also inspired pride with a stunning mural by Max Sansing to launch the team’s new logo and its Stand for Chicago campaign, underscoring its commitment to the community.

Elevating the Brand
Mural art as part of a creative marketing strategy can elevate the brand, showcasing the things that set the business apart, like its culture, its building’s history or its community’s personality. To celebrate its reopening after the lockdown, Chicago hotspot Recess commissioned giant murals by local artist Mosher. The fun, colorful figures reflect the restaurant’s playful culture and the local community.

The project generated excitement in the neighborhood and earned free media coverage for the restaurant. That’s a great way to reopen after a tough time — with a colorful celebration that generates buzz and attract customers who are excited about the possibility of safely meeting friends and family in a fun and inspirational environment.

The thing that sets murals apart as a focal point of a creative marketing campaign is that they are naturally eye-catching when viewed in person and can make an incredibly compelling visual element in web, social media and print marketing materials. Businesses can make the mural’s creation a process customers can follow online or drop by to see in person, and the big reveal can be its own special event.

Telling Your Story
Murals are also unique in that each tells a story that originates with the brand and is interpreted through the artist’s vision. It could be a story about your culture and community, like the Recess murals. Or maybe it’s about sports heroes, like the Houston Astros post-season celebration murals. It can be positive and uplifting, like the Brookfield Properties’ inspiration-themed mural.

It’s your story to tell, and part of the process of integrating art into a creative marketing strategy is working with an agency to develop a theme that reflects your narrative and then finding a local artist who can bring it to life. When it all comes together, a mural tells your story in a special way and makes customers a part of it by inspiring them to share images with friends and family.

So, if you’re ready to close out 2020 on a positive note, visualize this: a mural project to kickstart your creative marketing strategy. A mural is an excellent way to attract attention and earned media coverage while beautifying your surroundings and creating an irresistible Instagram opportunity for customers. What’s not to love about that?

written by
Tricia Binder, Co-Founder Muros

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