More Than Murals: Muros Can Curate All Your Art Needs

Muros is best known for art at scale. We connect incredibly talented local artists with brands, businesses, events and organizations to create impactful spaces, memorable experiences and effective visual advertising campaigns. But, at our core, we’re an art activation agency, and that means connecting brands with amazing art at any scale. 

The Muros team can curate all of your art needs—from big, splashy murals on an exterior wall, to fine art, stunning sculptures for outdoor or indoor areas, artist-painted fixtures and details, to framed paintings and prints for interior rooms or corridors. Simply put, we spend our days scrolling, searching, and uncovering the best art and creators out there—you can lean on us to bring you new and inspired pieces of work wherever you’re located. 

The Right Art in the Right Space

Whether you’re a real estate developer or a manager of commercial, co-working, residential or mixed-use property, we can connect you with original artwork that creates impact in your interior or exterior building spaces. We work with thousands of artists all over the world and have coordinated projects with major commercial and residential building managers to set their properties apart.

Muros works with you to put the right art in the right space. When you’re looking to curate your space, you need a team that understands your vision, aesthetic and budget. You’ll also need experienced professionals who are capable of managing all that’s involved with displaying art on your property, including:

  • Understanding your goals and preferences
  • Developing a system for adding unique art to your property
  • Sourcing and vetting artists
  • Overseeing installations and art rotations

The Muros team has years of experience working with artists and brands to define and bring to life a unique vision and aesthetic. The right art collection can reflect the community or building’s personality, tell a story about your company’s values, or share your area’s unique history in a compelling way. 

Not Just a Mural Company

We love murals, and we’ve seen firsthand that art on a wall-sized scale can create an authentic connection between a brand, its guests and the surrounding community. But we’re not just a mural company—we’re passionate about art in all its amazing incarnations.

Maybe you want a big statement piece in a lobby that is reflected on a smaller scale in other areas distributed throughout your property. Maybe you envision an eclectic collection with artwork that still aligns with your aesthetic in every detail, or maybe you’ve got a property portfolio that requires a different approach at each location. We’ve got you covered.

So, don’t think of Muros as a one-off mural company, but rather as your full-service art activation partner. Whether you know what vibe you’re looking for in your space or need some consultation and guidance to achieve the look and feel you want in your building, we can help guide you through the journey.

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