Local Brand Experiences: Your Community Is Begging You to Do Cool Shit

They might not say it using these exact words, but if you run a business or sports team, your community is literally begging you to do cool shit. Your fans and/or customers have been locked down and socially distanced for a year now. Vaccines are giving people hope, but folks are already emerging from their homes to see what the community offers. 

Mainly, they’re looking for ways to reconnect with their communities and interests in a way that feels more normal, and that’s something you can deliver with art that provides an amazing experience right in their own neighborhood. At Muros, we know how powerful art that delivers a local brand experience can be because we’ve seen the excitement it creates firsthand.  

Making Fans and Customers Do a Double Take!

Sports teams have had a lot of success creating connections with fans and building a buzz for events using bold, colorful mural art in local communities. The Houston Astros did a series of murals connected to the post-season playoffs. Houston artists painted murals to commemorate each game, and fans flocked to the artwork, taking selfies and sharing images on social media. 

The Astros created a great local experience that got fans excited about the games, plus the team received tons of earned media. The Seattle Storm and L.A. Clippers have also used murals to connect with fans and deliver local brand experiences. Right here at Muros’ home, the Chicago Fire and the White Sox gave Windy City fans something new to talk about with mural art. 

On the brand side, Instacart made waves in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco with vibrant mural art that reflects those local communities. To boost impact, Instacart sent newsletter subscribers a heads-up about the murals in their communities with a QR code promo, using the art to not only beautify the neighborhood but also drive sales and create an interactive experience. 

Keeping It Local

The L.A. Clippers took neighborhood art to a new level with a mural to celebrate the signing of hometown hero Kawhi Leonard. The giant mural has augmented reality features, encouraging fans via a Snapcode to view an image of the All-Star player busting out and shooting a basket, taking mural art into another dimension. 

Sports murals are local for obvious reasons, but activating art in the neighborhood is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers too. If you work with artists who know and love the city (and/or the team), you can make the local brand experience extra personal through the artwork. 

Our mural artists have executed stunning work that captures the essence of a community, avoiding clichés like skylines and instead using iconic images that evoke a city’s energy We love to see  Texas’ beloved bluebonnets or an instantly recognizable bridge that reminds everyone in town that they’re home.  

Now Is the Perfect Time

This is the perfect time because your community needs it and they need it now. A Public Agenda survey found that 1 in 5 people believe their communities will emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. People might be taking fewer long trips, but they’re familiarizing themselves with their own neighborhoods and noticing their surroundings more. 

Art has the power to bring us together, and it’s not just exciting after it’s completed. As we see each year at our annual Titan Walls mural festival, art in progress is an amazing shared local experience too. People who are literally watching paint dry are seeing something that’s so much more—an artist’s vision coming to life—and that’s some seriously cool shit. 

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