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we bring together brands
with local artists to create impactful spaces, experiences & mural campaigns



Our team has worked with the largest global brands, agencies, start-ups and local businesses so we understand the details needed to deliver an outstanding project.


Playing it safe?

We are too. From insurance to licensing to permits, we’ll handle the details so things move smoothly.


Want to share?

We create stunning custom content showcasing the mural creation process for you to use across your marketing channels.


Bang for your buck?

Return on your investment matters. We can develop custom audiences exposed to your mural so you can track conversions and/or use for retargeting campaigns.



Have a lot do?

We can handle this one for you. From start to finish we'll handle all of the project details so you can focus on what you do best.


where we paint

Our network of mural artists span across the globe, allowing us to partner and activate within every major city.

& environments

Whether you want an incredible feature wall, selfie hotspot or some serious but unconventional curb appeal, we work with you to design and develop interiors
and exteriors with one-of-a-kind mural art.

outdoor mural
ad campaigns

Looking to put an artistic spin on
your OOH advertising?


Muros can partner to develop unique mural campaigns, in addition to identifying the ideal locations to get noticed (and photographed).

brand activations
& experiences

Need to drive more traffic, or simply offer your customers something new?

We’ll create custom activations infused with live mural art to get people engaged and your business boomin’.


the impact of mural art

you're unique, so stand out

Don’t get lost in a sea of sameness. Mural art is an incredible way to stand out, stand apart and be noticed.

community matters

Whenever possible, we go local. Bringing beauty to the community from the community is pretty damn cool.

the love

Every good selfie needs a good backdrop. Great works get noticed, get captured, get captioned, get shared. #like


Are you a business that has a project, or an artist looking for a project? 

Send us a message!